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Natural History Explorers!

As part of their whole-of-school approach to Holding Back the Tide, pupils from St Lawrence’s Primary School have been looking at the natural heritage of their village.

They have been finding out about which animals and plants can be found in and around the river and estuary, considering if changes in Rowhedge are effecting the wildlife and also putting their ideas forward in a letter to the local Councillor about the waterfront, as they think about their village in the future.

A display of their work was on show as part of the Holding Back the Tide stall at the Rowhedge Regatta as pictured here.


Two Miles of Seafront Attractions – Inspirational!

Great Yarmouth is famous for its seafront amusements and attractions and its no surprise when you realise how far along the coast they stretch. And what an eclectic mix of architectural design from beautiful old buildings like the Hippodrome and that behind Caesars Palace to the neon glitz of the Golden Nugget and contemporary design of the Wellington Pier.

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There are many ways to……explore the Coast!

Photo courtesy of the Burnham-On-Crouch & District MuseumNext week, schools along the East Anglian coast are returning for the second half of the summer term and will be delving into their local coastal heritage through a myriad of ways.

Some are taking a whole-of-school approach with a look at our ever-changing coast for every year group. Field trips and local walks are all on the schedule and will include looking at the rate of erosion on certain parts of the East Coast or to spy wildlife and explore habitats in order to further understand the related changes.

For others it’s the architectural changes or cultural events that have sparked inspiration such as the old mud-football antics pictured here at a pre-war Burnham regatta. Plans are also afoot to celebrate the culmination of their projects and the end of the school year with themed productions ranging from topics about lost coastal villages to smuggling myths!

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A Town Hall beside the Sea?

The Moot Hall 'Aldeburgh Museum'. Photo courtesy of Aldeburgh MuseumMost would agree that Town Halls are normally found in the centre of a town. Indeed this was the case for Aldeburgh’s Moot Hall when it was built in the 1570s.

Still used as the Town Hall today it is also the home of the Aldeburgh Museum. However, nowadays it no longer resides in the middle of the town but on the sea front, next to the beach, as a result of the encroaching sea and coastal erosion over the last 500 years.

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Furthest North!

Cliffs at Scratby - looking south to Wind Farm
Holding Back the Tide is operating across the three coastal counties of East Anglia: Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. And CoastNet is very pleased to welcome on board Scratby Coastal Erosion Group and Ormesby Junior School who will be working in conjunction on the project as our most northerly communities located just north of Great Yarmouth.
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Schools Ahoy!

Schools Ahoy!

Schools up and down the East Anglian Coast are busy planning their Holding Back the Tide projects for the Summer Term. They include:

  • Great Yarmouth High
  • Aldeburgh Primary
  • Ipswich Girls High
  • St Lawrence Primary (Rowhedge)
  • Mersea Island Primary
  • St Mary’s (Burham) Primary

Children of all ages will be looking at their local coastal surroundings and the change that has occured as well as capturing stories of the recent past from friends and family, more soon!