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Portside Memories

Time and Tide’s Oral History Volunteers are set to interview people about their experiences of Portside life, today and in the past,  as part of a joint initiative between CoastNet and Great Yarmouth’s Time and Tide Museum, for Holding Back the Tide and the Our Great Yarmouth – Our Town Project

They would like to hear from people who have have memories of working at Great Yarmouth Port or work there today. They also want to hear from people who may have memories of visiting the Port and watching the ships Continue reading ‘Portside Memories’


Down Memory Lane……….

Is where the Holding Back the Tide team took attendees at this year’s Rowhedge Regatta. Visitors to the stall were invited to learn more about the village’s heritage through the display of old photographs prepared by Dorothy Garratt of Rowhedge’s Museum Group including an aerial image of Rowhedge’s waterfront in the 1920’s.

Nestled on the banks of the tidal River Colne, Rowhedge is still very much a seafaring community today with locals enjoying the opportunity to sail, motor, kayak or row from the village quayside. Estuaries and tidal rivers are iconic to the Essex coastline and Rowhedge itself has a rich martime history, enjoying its own ship building heyday between 1890 and 1914.

The stall also provided the opportunity for people to share their knowledge and experience of life in the ‘Saltwater Village’ (the actual name of a book about Rowhedge itself) which will then lead to more in depth oral history interviews in particular about the Sand and Iron Works which used to operate along the waterside.

Aging well – Wellington Pier, Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth’s Wellington Pier was the highlight of a previous post ‘Two Miles of Seafront Attractions’ and the focus of a seafront inspired art project by students from Great Yarmouth High School’s ‘Gifted & Talented’ Art and Design Group.

Courtesy of Great Yarmouth’s Time and Tide here and below are a suite of pictures of the Pier over the last century.


Two Miles of Seafront Attractions – Inspirational!

Great Yarmouth is famous for its seafront amusements and attractions and its no surprise when you realise how far along the coast they stretch. And what an eclectic mix of architectural design from beautiful old buildings like the Hippodrome and that behind Caesars Palace to the neon glitz of the Golden Nugget and contemporary design of the Wellington Pier.

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A Town Hall beside the Sea?

The Moot Hall 'Aldeburgh Museum'. Photo courtesy of Aldeburgh MuseumMost would agree that Town Halls are normally found in the centre of a town. Indeed this was the case for Aldeburgh’s Moot Hall when it was built in the 1570s.

Still used as the Town Hall today it is also the home of the Aldeburgh Museum. However, nowadays it no longer resides in the middle of the town but on the sea front, next to the beach, as a result of the encroaching sea and coastal erosion over the last 500 years.

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Seaside souvenirs a thing of the past?

Destination Felixstowe!  Arriving bang on high tide, an experience only heightened by the spring equinox, full moon, and freezing northeasterly winds, we found this east-coast town putting on the perfect seaside show!
After we dared and dodged the huge waves smashing over the sea front we made our way down to Languard Fort – the real reason for our visit. We had come to learn about another woman’s story of coastal change.
The story of Fran Crowe’s journey, walking along 200kms of east-coast beach, over one year, to collect 46,000 pieces of rubbish* and literally ‘save some sea’, is something to behold.
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