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Portside Memories

Time and Tide’s Oral History Volunteers are set to interview people about their experiences of Portside life, today and in the past,  as part of a joint initiative between CoastNet and Great Yarmouth’s Time and Tide Museum, for Holding Back the Tide and the Our Great Yarmouth – Our Town Project

They would like to hear from people who have have memories of working at Great Yarmouth Port or work there today. They also want to hear from people who may have memories of visiting the Port and watching the ships Continue reading ‘Portside Memories’


Aging well – Wellington Pier, Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth’s Wellington Pier was the highlight of a previous post ‘Two Miles of Seafront Attractions’ and the focus of a seafront inspired art project by students from Great Yarmouth High School’s ‘Gifted & Talented’ Art and Design Group.

Courtesy of Great Yarmouth’s Time and Tide here and below are a suite of pictures of the Pier over the last century.