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A Postcard from Scratby Just to say ‘Hello…’

Postcard from Scratby

Postcard from Scratby

Update… Holding Back the Tide’s oral history volunteers have been busy beavering away up in Scratby, north of Great Yarmouth, collecting stories for the project. Mavis Sjaz has conducted three interviews from residents and holidaymakers of Scratby,  ‘I’ve interviewed one family who are three generations of holidaymakers to Scratby and I’ve captured some very interesting stories.’ Watch this space for further updates on the stories themselves.  Coming soon…


Portside Memories

Time and Tide’s Oral History Volunteers are set to interview people about their experiences of Portside life, today and in the past,  as part of a joint initiative between CoastNet and Great Yarmouth’s Time and Tide Museum, for Holding Back the Tide and the Our Great Yarmouth – Our Town Project

They would like to hear from people who have have memories of working at Great Yarmouth Port or work there today. They also want to hear from people who may have memories of visiting the Port and watching the ships Continue reading ‘Portside Memories’

Down Memory Lane……….

Is where the Holding Back the Tide team took attendees at this year’s Rowhedge Regatta. Visitors to the stall were invited to learn more about the village’s heritage through the display of old photographs prepared by Dorothy Garratt of Rowhedge’s Museum Group including an aerial image of Rowhedge’s waterfront in the 1920’s.

Nestled on the banks of the tidal River Colne, Rowhedge is still very much a seafaring community today with locals enjoying the opportunity to sail, motor, kayak or row from the village quayside. Estuaries and tidal rivers are iconic to the Essex coastline and Rowhedge itself has a rich martime history, enjoying its own ship building heyday between 1890 and 1914.

The stall also provided the opportunity for people to share their knowledge and experience of life in the ‘Saltwater Village’ (the actual name of a book about Rowhedge itself) which will then lead to more in depth oral history interviews in particular about the Sand and Iron Works which used to operate along the waterside.

Making Bunting at Youth Group

The Last Resort Youth Group (for Rowhedge and surrounding area), meets every Wednesday night to catch up with friends and have fun. There is football, pool, table-tennis plus plenty other games to play, magazines to read, a tuck shop and always some type of art activity to be getting on with!

In preparation for last months village Regatta, the group helped out with making a new set of bunting to adorn this annual quay side celebration. The bunting was sewn together from a combination of triangular flags made out of upholstery swatches and square flags painted by youth group members with designs inspired by the River Colne and maritime heritage of the village.

See the pictures below for the final product on show!

The Art of Oral History

Or not as the case may be! That was the message from Roger Kitchen of Kitchen’s Ink and the trainer forHolding Back the Tide - Oral Historians with Roger Kitchen Holding Back the Tide’s oral history training day held at CoastNet offices in Rowhedge last week on Friday 9 May.

The aim of the day was to demystify the technique and according to Roger you dont need to be Michael Parkinson!

Continue reading ‘The Art of Oral History’

Furthest North!

Cliffs at Scratby - looking south to Wind Farm
Holding Back the Tide is operating across the three coastal counties of East Anglia: Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. And CoastNet is very pleased to welcome on board Scratby Coastal Erosion Group and Ormesby Junior School who will be working in conjunction on the project as our most northerly communities located just north of Great Yarmouth.
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Support for Holding Back the Tide

The project is well under way with community groups, schools and museums jumping on board each day. A big thanks goes to our initial key supporters……